Feature Film Concept

WollwerthFilms has begun producing a feature film called “Revelation, ‘end of days’”.
We’ve used our own funds to begin the project but we realize that in order to keep the entire project at an extremely high quality level we need the help of all who believe that the world needs to see Biblically based movies. As you can imagine, the imagery in the book of Revelation would need world class CG artists to create. Imagery such as a 7 headed 10 horned Dragon chasing a woman is not easily filmed, but with the help of CG artists scenes like that can be accomplished. This $25,000 will be used for the shooting of several scenes, and the creation of CG scenes such as 1 Billion Angels all singing in unison. We’ve contacted a horse ranch in TN to shoot the horses of the apocalypse. We want to release this movie on a national level only when it’s worthy of theaters. Ultimately this movie will take millions of dollars to create but we need an attainable goal to reach initially.
Funds for advertising once the film is produced is also needed.


People involved in Production:

WollwerthFilms:  Imdb Stephen Wollwerth  DP/Aerial   Cinematographer  www.wollwerthfilms.com

Scott Johnson:  Cinematographer  www.rscottjohnson.com

Chris & Marie Hamilton: Lead set designers


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