EXODUS Gods and Kings. Why it’s inaccurate BUT…You should see it.

As you probably know, another Bible movie just came out and there’s so much controversy once again about it. Some Evangelical Christians crying “foul!”  Others saying something else.

Well I’m saying something else. I actually left the movie in tears pondering my faith in God and wanting to be challenged to know and trust Him more.   I’m going to explain why the movie can be deeply and profoundly impacting in a very good way and I think that every person who claims to have faith in God should see it.

While the movie had some inaccurate points:

1. Moses Fled after he killed an Eyptian (true)  He was not exiled as the movie portrays.  2. Moses spent 40 years in Midian tending flocks  (true) not 9 years as the movie suggests. 3. An angel of the Lord appeared to Moses in the burning bush (true) not an eleven year old boy as the movie portrays.  4. The first plague of the water turning to blood almost happens in Sharknado fashion.  Giant alligators?  OK. I get it, we need LOTS of blood.

The portrayal of God as an 11 year old boy is most disturbing for some. One scene he looks a little like “Chucky”  But let me make a point.  To portray God as anything visual is inaccurate.  80 year old man actor?  Inaccurate.  30 year old man?  Inaccurate.  A woman? Inaccurate.  A voice coming out of the bush? Inaccurate.  The bible says “An angel of the Lord spoke to Moses”  Lets not forget that in Hebrews 11, it says that “Moses, for the sake of Christ, gave up his identity as the son of Pharoah’s daughter to be mistreated as a slave”  Hebrews 11:24-26. Wait, Moses lived before Christ…..or did he.  Let’s not forget that Christ himself said. “Before the foundations of the world. ‘I AM’.   The same words that the 11 year old boy said to Moses.  “I AM”  So the boy can be a portrayal of a young Jesus, who at a young age astounded the teachers of the Torah in the temple with His wisdom. Luke 2:39.  It’s something to ponder.

And there are a few more inaccuracies that I won’t go into.

So why should we see it anyway?   There’s a lot to learn.  The first quote which struck me deeply was when the overseer of the Hebrew slaves says to Moses in a disgusted tone: “Don’t you know that Israelite means. ‘one who fights with God’?”  and Moses quickly corrects him saying. “Actually it means ‘one who wrestles with God.’”. This is absolutely true.  In Genesis, Jacob who would have his name changed to Israel,  wrestled with the Angel of the Lord and said “I will not let go until you bless me” And therefore his name was changed from Jacob to Israel.  This wrestling with God is a theme throughout the movie.

Some Christians complain that Moses’ comment to his wife when he’s in Midian about his son Gershom; “Can’t you let the boy believe in himself?” is a reflection of the directors atheist point of view and is an attempt to teach people that we should rely on ourselves and not God.  I believe actually that this is perhaps a great way of showing that Moses had to learn to trust in God, and at the time of fleeing Egypt perhaps had not yet shed his identity as an Egyptian military leader, with great knowledge and understanding.  Most people with a lot of knowledge and training struggle to let go of their own strengths, trading it for God’s strength instead.

In the movie when Moses returns to Egypt to set his people free,  he begins with attempting to train the Israelites  for battle.  While this isn’t in scripture,  some historians claim that Moses was a military leader before he fled Egypt.  We don’t know if this is true or not but it makes another great point of giving up self reliance.  After Moses tries for a time to win a battle of attrition against the Egyptians, God says to Moses.  “I’ve been watching you horribly fail”. And a frustrated Moses says. “Well what do you want me to do?”  God replies. “For now, just watch”  Then the plagues begin.  Moses has no control over what God is doing, and almost watches in disbelief at what is happening.  This is another step of Moses laying aside his knowledge and beginning to work with God.

There are many more occasions in the movie when Moses has a choice.  Do I do things the way I understand them? or Do I do things according to faith?  Wow, this is a powerful message in the film! I walked away in tears.  On the drive home, I said to my wife;  “I just want God to use my life for His glory. I want my life to make up for all those who are believers but refuse to relinquish their control over their lives, in exchange for God’s purposes.”

In the scene following the plague of death, where all the firstborn of the Egyptians die,  Pharoah brings his dead son along with many others to Moses and Pharoah says angrily:  “Is this the God you serve?! A God who kills children?”  Some think this is a jab at God.  But Moses reply is gripping.  Moses pauses and ponders for several seconds.  The he says in a quiet tone. “No Hebrew children died last night”.  The Bible clearly beckons us to be on God’s side. Obviously there was a conflict in Exodus.  Slavery and Hebrews wrongly worked to death for hundreds of years, and a refusal by Pharoah to let them go.

What disturbs me more than things that are inaccurate in the film, or “jabs at God” as some people claim exist in the film.  Is the constant complaining from Christians.  It’s like an ugly noise.  Some people say, “I won’t see it, nor would I recommend seeing it.”  If they didn’t see it how can they comment?  It’s time for Christians to be light in this world and not a complaining stench.  Encourage people to see it, then they will ask you questions about the Bible.  Its a fact that after the Bible series came out on TV, google searches for Bible scriptures skyrocketed.  People began to study the Bible again.

I am currently in pre-production of a movie on Revelation.  I’m researching and talking to scholars, so I can accurately portray the events in the book of Revelation, but I know deep in my heart, Whenever it is finished, people will call me a heretic and more complainers will cry “foul!”  “He got it wrong!”

Let’s put down our reliance on self and begin to WRESTLE WITH GOD as this movie so greatly encouraged me to do.

The video on this page is peak into our movie. “Revelation end of days”


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